Chapter 3. Command Reference

The main KSalup window

The File Menu


Configures KSalup

File->Configure shortcuts

Configures the shortcuts used in KSalup

File->Print (Ctrl-P)

Prints the selected message

File->Quit (Ctrl-Q)

Quits KSalup

The Edit Menu

Edit->Cut (Ctrl-X)

Cuts the selected text from the message edition box

Edit->Copy (Ctrl-C)

Copies the selected text from the message edition box

Edit->Paste (Ctrl-V)

Pastes the text contained in the clipboard in the message edition box

Edit->Clear (Ctrl-D)

Clears the message edition box, the destination box and any attached sound

The Tools Menu

Tools->Auto-reply (Ctrl-R)

Replies automatically to personnal messages

Tools->Forwarding (Ctrl-F)

Forwards any received message to a specified host

Tools->Online lookup (Ctrl-K)

Makes an online lookup to find connected clients to the local network

Tools->"quick message" (F5-F6-F7-F8)

Sends a user-defined quick message

Other functionnalities


Sends the currently edited message


Deletes the selected message from the messages list


Hides the main window

The toolbar

  • Exit

  • Configuration

  • Print : prints the currently selected message

  • Cut

  • Copy

  • Paste

  • Clear : clears the message, attached sound and destination.

  • Automatic answering (on/off)

  • Messages forwarding (on/off)

  • Online lookup

  • NetBios over UDP sending protocol (on/off)

  • NetBios over TCP sending protocol through Samba (on/off). Note that at least one of the protocols is selected.

  • "What's this ?" help

  • Documentation