Samba configuration for KSalup

To use the NetBios over TCP protocol through Samba, you must have Samba properly installed and running on your host. This is only optional, but the network names resolution of KSalup will work much better with Samba. By default, KSalup uses the host and group names set in the smb.conf file. If you do not install Samba, you will not be able to communicate with Winpopup and clients based on Winpopup or Samba (like LinPopup). However allmost all of the clients running under Windows do not require Samba to be installed.

If you want to be able to received messages through Samba, add the following line into your smb.conf file (generally /etc/smb.conf) in the [global settings] section :

message command = ksalup --winpopup "%m" "%t" %s; rm %s

This is not required if you only want to send messages via Samba.

In all cases, the Samba smb deamon must be running. It is important to start KSalup when Samba is already running, because KSalup and Samba both use the NetBios UDP socket on port 138. If Samba is started after KSalup, it will block KSalup sockets, and messages can be no more received then.