Chapter 1. Introduction

KSalup is an enhanced port of Winpopup for KDE. It also allows the user to send and receive Winpopup messages over a local network (LAN).

KSalup supports two protocols :


  • Netbios over UDP protocol (Windows NT messenger servive).

  • Netbios over TCP protocol through Samba (Windows Winpopup).

  • Netbios names support.

  • Messages filtering.

  • Automatic answering.

  • Messages forwarding.

  • Automatic archiving of incoming and sent messages.

  • Network browsing (LAN).

  • Handling of workgroup, host name and aliases.

  • Tray icon (KDE, Gnome, Windows).

  • Support for printing.

  • Online indicator, now compatible with Salup, Kurupop and Pipop.

  • Support for private user-defined aliases.

  • Quick user-defined messages.

  • Support for different character encodings for internationalization (UTF-8, Microsoft codepages, ...).

  • Possibility of sending messages from the shell command line.

KSalup and Salup specific features :

  • Support for public aliases.

  • Sound attachment.