Appendix B. Technical information

Resources used by KSalup

KSalup uses the following ports/services :

  • Port UDP 138 : NetBios datagram service, used for sending and receiving messages through mailslots. Because this service is a system service, KSalup requires root privileges.

  • Port UDP 9279 : used for broadcasting public aliases.

  • Port TCP 9278 : used for backward compatibility with Salup, for receiving messages and sound attachments. KSalup never send messages using this protocol, but uses it for sending any attached sound. This service will be disabled by default in further realeases.

  • Samba : when installed, the Samba services can be used for both browsing and sending messages. Because Samba only uses TCP protocol, it is not compatible with UDP clients like Windows NT messenger, Salup, Pipop, ...