IP address

Since version 1.2.1, KSalup uses ifconfig to determine the host's IP address. Therefore, the network configuration does not need to be complete as it was the case for previous versions. Versions prior to 1.2.1 did a name lookup using the host's name to determine the host's IP address. This query could fail if no DNS or reverse entry in the file /etc/hosts was set when using DHCP. KSalup 1.2.1 automatically uses the IP address of the first network interface (generally eth0).


If you have activated a firewall service on your host, you will have to open the following ports, depending on your needs :

  • port UDP 138 : this is the main port used by KSalup, it is used to send and receive the messages, delivery acknowledgements and network lookups. If you plan to only send and receive messages over Samba, you will not need to open this port. Please refer to Samba documentation for more informations. Note that Samba uses TCP protocol on port 139.

  • port UDP 9279 : this port is used to send and receive KSalup's aliases. If you do not use the aliases, there is no need to open this port. Note that the network lookup will not affected by this setting.

  • port TCP 9278 : this port is only used for backward compatibility with Salup. It is used for receiving TCP messages sent by Salup and to send and receive sound attachments. The use of sound attachments is not recommended for network performance reasons. If you neither use Salup nor sound attachments, it is recommended to let this port closed.