Chapter 2. Using KSalup


General Usage

Interface :

  • On the left, a tree list allows you to browse the local area network (LAN). The list can be hidden or re-dimensioned by moving the splitter.

    • The real groups section only contains the real names of the different hosts. Since this section uses the TCP Netbios protocol, you must have Samba running on your computer to browse the network.

    • The Salup section only contains the hosts compatble with Salup. This section is totally independent from the above section, it only depends on the poper's configuration. One host can appear in many groups of the aliases section, and in one group only in the groups section. The aliases generally have different names than the groups. Your name, group, and aliases are set up in the configuration dialog box in the identity section. See below for more informations.

    • The Online list section shows the current users, their current status and the software they are using. An icon identifies users of Kurupop, Pipop and Salup. This section is periodically updated. The user can however manually update the list at any time.

    • The Private aliases section shows user-defined group aliases.

  • On the right, in the upper side, a list shows you all received popup messages. An icon identifies the destination of the message : your host (blue), your group (red), your aliases (green). The tabbed bar placed above the messages list enables you to select which type of message will be displayed in the list.

  • In the lower side, you will find :

    • A text box for the message destination.

    • A button for attaching sound to the message (Salup only).

    • An edit box for typing your message.

    • A button for sending your message.

    • A button for deleting the current message.

The status bar, the tooltips and the "What's this ?" help will give you further informations.

Function keys F5 to F8 enable you to send quick message to answer received messages. These messages can be defined in the configuration panel.

The docking icon : this icon alerts you when a message has been received by displaying another icon. Clicking on this icon will show/hide KSalup's main window.